Study finds why people are scared of clowns

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A new study has been conducted on the creepy and mysterious world of clowns! Researchers from the University of South Wales have found out why some people are scared of clowns.

The researchers wanted to find out why some people are so scared of these jolly jesters. They created a special questionnaire to find out how people react to clowns, and what might cause coulrophobia.

They surveyed almost a thousand people, aged between 18 and 72, and found that more than half of them, 53.5%, were scared of clowns to some degree. That’s a lot of people! And 5% of those surveyed were “extremely afraid” of clowns. That’s even more than the number of people who are afraid of animals, blood, injections and injuries, heights, and flying.

So, what did the researchers find out? Well, they asked questions about what clowns look like, how they behave, and how they are portrayed in movies and TV shows. They also asked if people had ever had a bad experience with a clown.

The researchers found that some people are scared of clowns because of their appearance. Some people don’t like the way their faces are painted, or the big red noses and crazy wigs. Other people are scared of clowns because they don’t know what they’re going to do next. Will they squirt water in your face? Will they make you wear a silly hat? It’s hard to tell with clowns!

The researchers also found that some people are scared of clowns because of how they’re portrayed in movies and TV shows. You’ve probably seen some scary clowns in movies like IT or American Horror Story. These creepy clowns can make people scared of all clowns, even the nice ones.

Do you know what coulrophobia is?
It’s the fear of clowns, and it affects people of all ages and cultures. Even seeing a nice and friendly clown at a circus or party can send some people running in the opposite direction. It’s not just scary clowns like Pennywise or Twisty that give people the heebie-jeebies.

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