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Strange round object washes up on Japanese beach

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A large, mysterious metal sphere of unknown origin has washed up on a Japanese beach.

The “suspicious” ball was reported by a local resident in Hamamatsu, a southern coastal city about 250km from Tokyo. The police were called just before 9 am saying “a large round object was washed up on the beach”.

According to reports, the object is a sphere with a diameter of around 1.5 metres and is believed to be made of iron as it has a coating of rust.

Officials restricted access within a 200-metre radius around the object for most of the day, with bomb disposal crews seen inspecting the ball. The ball was then removed.

Some on social media joked that the mystery object was one of the orbs from the popular anime series Dragon Ball, while others claimed it was a ‘Godzilla egg’. Fears that it could be a stray mine were dismissed after experts used X-ray technology to examine the object’s interior and found that it was hollow.


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