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Spotify removing Bollywood songs

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Spotify is a music app where you can listen to all kinds of songs from all over the world. But, recently, many people were upset because Spotify removed hundreds of Bollywood songs from their app. Bollywood songs are songs that are played in movies made in India.

The reason behind this is that Spotify could not reach an agreement with a company called Zee Music, which owns many Bollywood songs. The old deal between Spotify and Zee Music had ended, and they could not agree on a new one. Spotify has said that they are trying to find a solution soon.

This change affected many people’s playlists, and they were surprised when they couldn’t play their favorite Bollywood tracks anymore.

Spotify does not own the songs on its app. They work with the people who own the songs, and these people decide if Spotify can keep their songs on their app. These people are called copyright holders. They might be big record companies or even individual artists who made their own music.

These copyright holders set out the terms and conditions for Spotify to keep their music on the app. They decide how long their songs will be on the app, in which countries they can be played, and how much money they will receive when someone listens to their music on Spotify.

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