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SpongeBob SquarePants Restaurant to open

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Exciting news for SpongeBob SquarePants fans and food enthusiasts alike! São Paulo, Brazil, is set to welcome an official SpongeBob SquarePants-themed restaurant, promising a unique “fine dining” experience. This innovative dining spot, named “Bob Esponja – Burger & Restaurante” (Bob Sponge – Burger & Restaurant, in English), pays homage to the beloved animated series and its iconic Krusty Krab eatery, where the fictional Krabby Patty has tantalized the taste buds of viewers for years.

The restaurant, a collaborative effort between Paramount and Fan & Food, will span over 1,000 square meters and accommodate 254 guests across four distinct dining areas and a retail section. The ground floor alone will offer seating for 144 diners, with themed spaces including the Flying Dutchman’s Lounge and Casa da Sandy, and a special area resembling SpongeBob’s own Pineapple House.

Nickelodeon has described this venture as “the first and only SpongeBob SquarePants-themed fine dining spot in the world,” featuring 70 seats and a specially crafted menu by the acclaimed chef Heaven Delhaye. This restaurant aims to blend the whimsical world of Bikini Bottom with gourmet cuisine, offering a one-of-a-kind experience for fans and foodies.

Set to open its doors in April, the “Bob Esponja – Burger & Restaurante” is part of Paramount’s Location-Based Entertainment & Experiences division, which focuses on bringing the company’s beloved characters and stories to life through themed restaurants, cruises, musicals, and more. This restaurant is sure to be a hit, offering a taste of the Krabby Patty and much more, all within the imaginative setting of SpongeBob’s underwater world.

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