SPCA Releases New Animal Care Videos

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SPCA has recently released a collection of new animal care videos for kiwi kids. These videos are a fun and engaging way to learn about the needs of animals and how to care for them. Using the Five Domain model of animal welfare, the videos take a step-by-step look at what different animals need to live happy and healthy lives, and cover the below topics:
• Nutrition
• Environment
• Health
• Behaviour
• Mental wellbeing

Among the 75 videos created, 15 new species are explored, providing an in-depth look into the needs of some of our more common domestic animals in Aotearoa, such as rabbits, horses, and fish, and a few of our more exotic animals, such as alpacas, bearded dragons, and turtles – just to name a few!

These educational videos are a fantastic way for young New Zealanders to learn about the unique needs of animals by gaining a better understanding of not only their physical, but mental well-being needs too.

To watch more of these animal care videos visit SPCA’s Kids’ Portal here: https://bit.ly/SPCAKids_Videos


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