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Spanish woman spends 500 days underground

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A Spanish extreme athlete named Beatriz Flamini has made history by spending 500 days underground.

Flamini emerged from a cave in Grenada after spending a staggering 500 days without seeing the sun.

The 50-year-old entered the cave on November 21, 2021, with a mission to understand the impact of isolation and deprivation on the human body and mind.

Flamini was monitored remotely by a team of scientists from the universities of Almeria, Granada, and Murcia throughout her stay. She passed her time in the cave by reading, writing, drawing, exercising, and knitting, and managed to read 60 books during her time underground.

Flamini’s achievement is believed to be a new world record for the longest time spent alone in a cave, and her journey will be documented in an upcoming documentary.

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