Snake found in Australian women’s bed

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A woman in Queensland, Australia got quite the fright when she found one of the world’s most venomous snakes in her bed! Yikes! Luckily, the heroic Zachery Richards from Zachery’s Snake and Reptile Relocation was on hand to help.

The 6-foot-long eastern brown snake was found slithering around the woman’s bed. Zachery arrived quickly and carefully removed the snake, posting photos of the encounter on his business Facebook page.

The resident had shut the door to the bedroom with a towel underneath to keep the snake in, and Zachery was surprised to find the snake lying in the bed, staring at him!

It turns out the snake had probably come in through an open door to escape the heat or just wanted a cozy place to rest. Zachery relocated the snake to a faraway area where it won’t come into contact with any humans.

12 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh!! I wouldn’t want to wake up one morning and find a snake in my bed!!!

  2. omg!! this is crazy! i wouldnt want to wake to to this haha my daughter is afraid of snakes!!

  3. Wow! That’s pretty scary. I’d be terrified if I got home to find a snake in my bed!

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