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Scientists create peas that dont taste like peas

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Scientists are on a mission to create peas that don’t taste like peas. It might sound strange, but there’s a good reason behind it.

As more and more people choose to eat plant-based foods instead of meat and dairy, scientists want to find environmentally-friendly alternatives to things like soya beans. Soya bean farming has been linked to the destruction of rainforests and habitats in places like South America.

That’s where the humble pea comes in. Peas have been considered as a replacement for soya beans, but there’s just one problem – they have a strong flavor that not everyone likes. So, researchers are working hard to develop a flavorless pea!

Did you know? The number of people looking for alternatives to meat products is increasing rapidly. Every year, the demand for plant-based protein grows by 30%, dairy-free milk by 50%, and cheese alternatives by 40%.

About 30 years ago, scientists studying pea plants discovered a gene responsible for the flavor of peas. However, at that time, there wasn’t much use for this knowledge, so the research was put on hold. But now, with the rise of plant-based diets, it’s becoming very valuable.

Imagine a future where you could enjoy pea burgers that don’t taste like peas! It’s an exciting development that could help protect the environment and provide tasty plant-based options for everyone.

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