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Record at Niagara Falls

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On a bright Monday morning in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, a special kind of sunshine lit up the city even more than usual.

As millions across North America looked up to see a total solar eclipse, a different kind of celestial event was happening on the ground. In a fun and bright gathering, over 300 people came together, all dressed up as the sun! This sunny crowd wasn’t just there to add to the eclipse excitement; they had a big goal in mind. They wanted to set a new world record for the “largest gathering of people dressed as the sun.” And guess what? They did it!

The City of Niagara Falls and Niagara Falls Tourism organized this glowing event. A total of 309 sun-dressed participants shone brightly, successfully breaking the previous record set by China in 2020. This event was not just about setting a record; it was a unique way for the community to come together and celebrate a rare astronomical event, making it a memorable day for everyone involved.

Imagine being surrounded by hundreds of smiling suns, sharing the joy and wonder of both a natural and a human-made spectacle!

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