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Pilot delivers baby mid-flight

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On a VietJet flight from Taipei, Taiwan, to Bangkok, Thailand, something incredible happened. Captain Jakarin Sararnrakskul, an experienced pilot of 18 years, was at the helm when suddenly, he was informed of an urgent situation on board. A woman was going into labor right there on the plane!

Without hesitation, Captain Sararnrakskul sprang into action. He found the expecting mother in one of the plane’s restrooms, where the baby had decided it was time to make an appearance. With quick thinking and a calm demeanor, the captain helped deliver the baby mid-flight, ensuring both the mother and the newborn were safe and sound.

The event was so special that the crew affectionately nicknamed the newborn “Sky Baby,” a fitting name for a little one born among the clouds. The captain shared his joy and surprise on social media, posting a photo of himself holding the tiny passenger, marking a flight he and everyone on board would never forget.

This rare occurrence isn’t unheard of, though. Between 1929 and 2018, 74 children were born on commercial flights, with nearly all of them thriving after their unique entry into the world.

For expectant mothers, it’s generally safe to fly well into pregnancy, but it’s always best to consult a healthcare provider beforehand. Most airlines have specific guidelines for traveling while pregnant, especially as the due date approaches, to ensure the safety and comfort of both the mother and the baby. Some might request a doctor’s note or have restrictions on flying late in pregnancy, so it’s important to check these details before planning a trip. Additionally, ensuring your travel insurance covers pregnancy-related care can provide peace of mind while traveling.

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