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Pūteketeke Wins New Zealand’s Bird of the Century Title

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The pūteketeke, a special bird known as the Australasian crested grebe, has been named New Zealand’s Bird of the Century.

Pūteketeke won with 290,374 of the total votes. It was well ahead of the second place winner Northland Island brown kiwi with 12,904 votes.

People from all over the world voted for their favorite bird in a fun contest. The pūteketeke stood out because it has a unique look, takes care of its babies in an adorable way, and yes, it even has a funny habit of vomiting!

This little bird became extra famous because a US comedian named John Oliver talked a lot about it on his show. He even wore a giant bird costume! Some people thought it was funny, and others thought it was a bit too much. But in the end, the pūteketeke won the hearts of many people.

In the 1980s, the pūteketeke population dropped to 200. In 2012, there was just one breeding pair in Wānaka. Currently the pūteketeke is extinct in the North Island and there are now an estimated 1000 birds in the South Island.

There is a combined population across the Aotearoa and Australia countries is believed to be less than 3000.

The pūteketeke got the most votes, and now it’s officially New Zealand’s Bird of the Century. Hooray for the pūteketeke!

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