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Push Up world record broken

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A man from Florida has just broken a Guinness World Record by doing over 3,200 pushups in just one hour! Rob Stirling, who is 60 years old, decided to take on the challenge after hearing that the previous record was set by an Australian man named Daniel Scali earlier in 2022.

Stirling had already done more pushups than the previous record when he was at a conference in Miami, so he thought he’d give it an official go. He set himself a goal of 3,200 pushups, but he ended up doing even better than that by doing 3,264 pushups in the hour.

Stirling’s record-breaking pushups were all caught on video, which is now being sent to Guinness World Records to be verified.

He’s already thinking about setting another world record – this time for the most pushups in one minute! The current record is 144 pushups, and Stirling is up for the challenge.

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