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Prime Minister Hipkins meets UK Prime Minister

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New Zealand’s leader, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, had a meeting with the British leader, Rishi Sunak, at Number 10 Downing Street. They talked about how happy they were with the friendship between their two countries. They also discussed important things like a trade deal, the area around the Pacific Ocean, and a war happening in Ukraine.

Even though Britain is part of a security agreement with other countries, including Australia and the United States, they didn’t talk about it during their meeting.

Before the meeting started, Sunak gave Hipkins a big plate of sausage rolls from a popular food shop called Greggs. Hipkins brought tomato sauce from New Zealand to go with them. Hipkins said the sausage rolls were very good and joked that he could become a brand ambassador for them.

Hipkins and Sunak will keep in touch and meet again at an event over the weekend.

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