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Plan to protect the Amazon Rainforest

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The Brazilian government has unveiled its ambitious plan to safeguard the Amazon rainforest and halt deforestation by 2030. President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a left-wing leader, has prioritised environmental protection since taking office.

Under the plan, the Amazon forest will be closely monitored to curb criminal activities like unauthorised tree felling and illegal timber trade, aimed at profiting from the forest’s resources. President Lula has also expressed his commitment to protecting indigenous territories by cracking down on illegal mining, hunting, and fishing within those areas.

As the world’s largest rainforest, 60% of the Amazon is located in Brazil. It boasts incredible biodiversity, housing numerous plant and animal species found nowhere else on Earth, including many endangered ones. Deforestation not only reduces the forest’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide but also destroys vital habitats, further endangering various species.

President Lula’s plan involves a range of measures, including the introduction of new laws and conservation initiatives. The Amazon’s significance as the “lungs of the planet” stems from its vast tree cover, which absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.

However, the Amazon faces ongoing threats from deforestation and pollution resulting from human activities. The government’s commitment to combat these challenges is aimed at preserving this precious ecosystem and ensuring a sustainable future for both Brazil and the planet.

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