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A cottage inspired by the home of Winnie-the-Pooh is available for rent in England.

The “Bearbnb” cottage is a partnership between Disney and Airbnb. It was designed in East Sussex’s Ashdown Forest by Kim Raymond, an artist who has been drawing Pooh for 30 years.A

Specific details from A.A. Milne’s books and E.H. Shepard’s original illustrations to make the cottage an accurate representation of the bear’s home.

It costs round $200 a night to stay in the house,

The cottage has a “Mr. Sanders” sign above the door, and the cupboards are stocked with pots labeled “Hunny.”

Visitors who rent the cottage will be treated to guided tours of the Hundred Acre Wood and rounds of Poohsticks, a game played by dropping sticks from Poohsticks Bridge.

Slackliner Nathan Paulin has wowed French residents by completed a 600-metre crossing from the Eiffel Tower to the other side of the river Seine.

The slackline was suspended 70 metres above the ground.

At one point Paulin sat and lay down on the the rope before arriving at the Chaillot Theatre at the end of the half hour performance.

Paulin said Saturday’s feat followed four years of practice, not to mention overcoming his childhood fear of heights.

In 2019, the Frenchman conducted a 150-metre-high, 510-metre-long slackline walk between two skyscrapers at Paris’ La Defense business district.

Scientists believe that they are well on the way to bring back a Woolly mammoth from extinction.

A firm in the United States has raised $15m towards the experiment.

Scientists are set on creating an elephant-mammoth hybrid, with first calves expected in six years.

Woolly mammoths vanished 10,000 years ago from the face of the Earth.

The team of scientist believe they can create the elephant-mammoth hybrid by making embryos in the laboratory that carry mammoth DNA and skin cells from Asian elephants.

These embryos would then be carried to term in a surrogate elephant or maybe in an artificial womb.

If all goes to plan – and the hurdles are far from trivial – the researchers hope to have their first set of calves in six years.

An extremely rare polka dot baby zebra was spotted in Kenya.

Photographers managed to capture this photo in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve.

This is the first known case of a zebra with a polka dot appearance like this area.

The polka dot appearance comes from a genetic disorder called pseudo-melanism where animals display an abnormality in their stripe pattern.

What do you think of the cute zebra? Share your comments below.

Officials at a zoo in India confirmed a royal Bengal tiger escaped from its enclosure.

The escape caused the complete evacuation of the Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhubaneswar.

The tiger, named Suraj,  escaped from the Tiger Safari exhibit by breaking through a rusted section of wire.

Visitors were quickly evacuated from the zoo, and Suraj was located wandering outside the enclosures at the Tiger Safari exhibit.

The big cat was wrangled back into the enclosure and the hole in the fence was repaired, officials said.

Visitors were allowed back inside the zoo once the all-clear was sounded.

There’s big news for Aquaman fans!

The new costume for actor Jason Momoa has been unveiled.

Momoa posted a photo of the new black costume that will be used for the upcoming movie. He posted the new pics with just six words: “Second round. New suit. More action.”

The new film is due out on 22 December 2021.

The first Aquaman film came out in 2018, after Justice League, and plunged DC fans deep into the underwater world of Atlantis.

The plot details for ‘Aquaman 2’ are still unknown but it’s reported to include some sensational battle scenes.

A 13-year-old indoor skydiver in Japan has broken two Guinness World Records for spinning in a wind tunnel.

Firstly, Fuyuki Kono broke the records for the most front split spins in one minute. He then went on and completed the most 360 horizontal spins in one minute at the indoor skydiving center in Saitama, Japan.

Kono managed 78 front split spins in one minute, and 60 horizontal spins in the allotted time.

She said she found a passion for indoor skydiving while she was studying abroad in Australia in 2018 and that she had been training for about three months.

“I repeated the movement over and over to go beyond my limit,” Kono said after the record.

A huge whale has spent the afternoon playing with a paddleboarder in Argentina.

A drone photographer captured video of the moment a southern right whale swam up to a paddleboarder and gave the board a push.

Photographer Maxi Jonas posted the video to Twitter showing the southern right whale in Puerto Madryn.

The whale gives the paddleboard a push with its fin before tracking the board’s movements while swimming directly under it.

Whales are common in Puerto Madryn with the whale watching season going from May through to December. More than 1,600 southern right whales have been spotted near the Puerto Madryn shore so far this year.