New Zealand’s most popular baby names from 2022

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New Zealand’s most popular baby names from 2022have been released.

Oliver was the most popular name for boys while for girls Isla is back on top after being in second place in 2021. Isla has been in the top three girls names every year since 2016.

A total of 18,041 different first names were given to a total of 59,711 babies that were registered in 2022. In 2021 there were 56,013 births registered in Aotearoa.

Two new names have made it to the top 10 girl names – Harper now sits at ninth place and Sophie at tenth. With the boys, Hudson is also new to the top ten boy names, coming in at ninth place.

The most popular gender-neutral name for 2022 was Riley.

List of the top names for girls last year:

  • 1. Isla
  • 2. Amelia
  • 3. Charlotte
  • 4. Mila
  • 5. Lily
  • 6. Ava
  • 7. Willow
  • 8. Olivia
  • 9. Harper
  • 10. Sophie

List of the top names for boys last year:

  • 1. Oliver
  • 2. Noa
  • 3. Leo
  • 4. Jack
  • 5. Luca
  • 6. Theodore
  • 7. George
  • 8. Charlie
  • 9. Hudson
  • 10. William

This information is gathered from SmartStart, a website that provides new and expectant Kiwi parents with step-by-step information and support to help them access services for them and their baby.

In 2023 the top Māori names will be released around the time of celebration for Matariki in Aotearoa.

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