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New Zealand concerned about crime and the cost of living

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Concerns over rising crime have reached a record high in New Zealand, becoming the second most important issue for voters, according to the Ipsos New Zealand Issues Monitor.

However, the cost of living and inflation remain the top concerns. Law and order has climbed into the top five issues, with 40 percent of respondents in May expressing worry, the highest level recorded in the Ipsos survey.

Housing and healthcare ranked at number three, followed by climate change. Education has also gained prominence. The cost of living was identified as the most important issue by 63 percent of respondents, particularly among those aged 25-34.
Older individuals showed greater concern about crime.

The survey also revealed a decline in satisfaction with the government’s performance since the previous survey in February.

Additionally, it found that the National Party was preferred for managing inflation/cost of living, crime/law and order, and housing, while Labour was trusted with healthcare and hospitals, and the Greens with climate change.

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