New Whittaker’s chocolate flavour released

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A new Whittaker’s chocolate flavour, Candy Cane, has been leaked and spotted on supermarket shelves in Australia, months before its planned release.

The packaging for this limited-edition flavour states that it contains “peppermint candy cane pieces in 33% cocoa creamy milk chocolate.”

Whittaker’s, a renowned New Zealand chocolate manufacturer, confirmed that the product had indeed leaked before its intended launch.

They mentioned that they had created this festive treat for Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers in New Zealand and Australia to celebrate the holiday season. However, they typically have to adhere to specific timeframes for supermarket distribution, which sometimes leads to product information leaking ahead of schedule.

This isn’t the first time Whittaker’s product has been leaked before its official release. Similar incidents have occurred in the past, with details about new flavours or products surfacing prematurely.

Despite these leaks, the anticipation and excitement among chocolate lovers for Whittaker’s new releases continue to grow.

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