New sand for Mt Maunganui beach

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Following Cyclone Gabrielle in February, the Tauranga City Council is stepping in to fix the beach at Pilot Bay in Mt Maunganui. The storm caused a lot of sand to wash away, so the council plans to bring it back.

Mount Maunganui is one of New Zealand’s most popular and iconic beaches.

The erosion, or the washing away of the sand, happened because of the storm’s damage and strong winds and waves. They have a plan to begin the work on Monday, but if the weather doesn’t cooperate, they might need to change the schedule.

To do the work properly, they will do it in small parts along Pilot Bay. This means some parts of the beach will be fenced off for a little while, usually around five days. But don’t worry, they’ll still keep some parts of the beach open for everyone.

The sand that’s needed will be brought in by big trucks and dumped from the Salisbury Wharf car park right onto the beach. While they’re working, a few parking spots near Salisbury Wharf and the corner of Salisbury Ave and The Mall will not be available. But don’t worry, the toilets along The Mall, near Pacific Ave, will still be open.

The last time they had to bring in more sand for the beach was in 2021.

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  1. I cant believe this !!!!!!!!
    I’m sure it will be great though!

    Mt Maunganui lovers💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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