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New donut stacking world record

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Robyn Schall, a comedian from New York, has officially entered the record books by creating the tallest stack of doughnuts in just one minute. During a live streaming show, Schall managed to stack an impressive 13 doughnuts, securing her place in the Guinness World Records.

Schall’s quest to break this record began when she was brainstorming her goals for 2023. One of her children suggested attempting a Guinness World Records title, a suggestion she immediately embraced. The doughnut stacking record caught her eye, which at the time stood at 12 doughnuts stacked in one minute.

Two weeks before her live TV challenge, Schall embarked on intensive training. She had to learn the art of doughnut making herself because it was challenging to find doughnuts that matched the specific size requirements set by Guinness World Records.

Schall explained that she used doughnuts that met the regulation size, with some slightly smaller and others slightly larger. Her training primarily focused on mastering the required speed to stack the doughnuts quickly and efficiently.

During the live event on an episode of Sports Talk Prime, Schall’s nerves dissipated as she expertly stacked all 13 doughnuts, smashing the previous record.

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