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New changes to golf balls

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Big changes could be coming to the sport of golf, and they might even make it more exciting!

Do you know how some golfers can hit the ball really, really far? Well, that might not be the case for much longer. The people in charge of making the rules for golf, the Royal and Ancient and the United States Golf Association, are thinking about making a new rule that would limit how far golf balls can be hit.

This is because some golf courses are becoming too easy for the best players, who can hit the ball hundreds of metres! The people in charge want to make sure that the courses stay challenging and fun for everyone.

If the new rule is made, golfers will only be allowed to use certain types of golf balls that don’t fly as far. This will only apply to professional golfers, though. People who just play golf for fun won’t be affected.

The people in charge of golf say that this is really important because golfers have been hitting the ball further and further for many years. If they don’t do something soon, it could become a big problem for the next generation of golfers!

The people who make golf equipment have been told about the new rule, and they have until August to give their thoughts on it. If the new rule is made, it won’t start until 2026.

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