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Hundreds of dead fish on Auckland beaches

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In a shocking and unusual event off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand, hundreds of snapper have been found floating in the sea and washing up on the shores of the Hauraki Gulf, leaving local residents and fishers baffled.

The discovery was first made on February 23 when local fishers stumbled upon the dead or dying fish on the beaches. One of the fishers, Andrew Barker, managed to capture this unsettling sight on video, stating he had never seen anything like it, especially noting the size of the fish.

The incident has sparked a significant response from the community, with some suggesting a ban on commercial fishing in the area to prevent such occurrences, which they view as a wasteful loss of marine life. Matt Fairbrother, another local fisher, noted that this was not an isolated incident and that he had observed similar happenings in the past, indicating a potentially larger issue at play.

Fisheries New Zealand has issued a warning to the public advising against consuming any of the dead fish found on the beaches for safety reasons. Acting Director of Compliance at Fisheries New Zealand, Andre Espinoza, highlighted the importance of reporting any suspicious activities and assured that investigations are underway to determine the cause of this mass fish die-off. Samples of the dead snapper, which appeared to be in good condition and of legal size, have been collected for analysis.

The situation is being closely monitored, with Fisheries New Zealand utilizing real-time tracking of commercial fishing vessels to investigate any potential links to the incident.

Two vessels that were fishing in the area at the time are currently under scrutiny as part of the ongoing inquiry. Fisheries officials are urging anyone with information about suspicious fishing activities to come forward and report it, as they work to unravel the mystery behind this environmental anomaly.

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