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Nations unite to protect international sea waters

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Hey there, young ocean lovers! Something amazing happened over the weekend.

After almost 20 years of talking and planning, the United Nations member states finally agreed on a treaty to protect parts of the ocean outside of national borders.

The treaty is really important because it will help enforce a pledge that was made by countries in December to protect a third of the sea and land by 2030. Without the treaty, it would have been really hard to make this happen.

The treaty covers almost two-thirds of the ocean outside of national borders, which is a huge area! It will give us a legal way to create marine protected areas to help protect the animals and plants that live in the high seas. It will also help us share the genetic resources of the ocean.

The treaty will set up a conference of the parties, which will meet regularly to make sure that member states are doing what they promised to do to protect the ocean. This is important because it will help keep everyone accountable for their actions.

It’s really exciting to think about what this treaty could mean for the future of our oceans. By protecting the high seas, we can help make sure that our planet stays healthy and thriving for generations to come. So let’s keep learning about the ocean and doing everything we can to protect it!

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