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Namibia Rhino poaching hits record levels

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Last figures show that more rhinos were poached in Namibia, in southwest Africa, than ever before.

The figures show that 87 rhinos were killed in 2022 – almost twice as many as the previous year.

Amongst that number,  61 black rhinos – which are listed as critically endangered.

Most of the rhinos were poached in Estosha, Namibia’s biggest national park.

Why are so many rhinos being poached in Namibia?
Poachers hunt animals like rhinos to sell their horns. there is great demand for the horn in countries like China and Vietnam.

In China powdered rhino horn has been used in traditional medicine for generations. In Vietnam some people buy rhino horn and display them to show their wealth – as a status symbol.

Rhino horn is also used to make jewellery.

How bad is the problem?

According to the World Wildlife Fund there are less than 5,000 rhinos left in the world today.

In South Africa and Botswana wildlife teams have started to saw off rhino horns to protect them from becoming targets for poachers.

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