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Myna found in Christchurch

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In Christchurch, there’s an ongoing search for two myna birds that have made an unexpected appearance in an area known as the red zone.

Myna birds, which are not native to New Zealand and are more commonly found in the upper North Island, have been labeled as pests due to their aggressive nature towards other birds and their habit of taking over nests. They can also cause significant damage to crops and food supplies when they gather in large numbers.

The Canterbury Regional Council has taken action by hiring a specialist in bird control to handle the situation. The plan involves assessing the area where the birds have been spotted and possibly using an air rifle to remove them, with all necessary permissions from the police.

These myna birds are particularly unusual in Canterbury, and their presence has sparked concern among both local residents and experts. John Stewart, a local and amateur photographer, has been observing one of the birds since 2018 and recently confirmed the presence of a second bird. Although he expressed a certain fondness for the bird, he understands the need for their removal to protect the local ecosystem.

While myna birds are not considered the top threat to native species, they do pose a risk due to their aggressive behavior and potential to displace native birds from their nests. The history of myna birds in New Zealand dates back to the 1860s, when they were introduced as a means of controlling pests but ended up becoming pests themselves.

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