Minecraft Mob vote completed

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The 2023 Minecraft Mob Vote result is in, revealing the next addition to the Minecraft world that will leave players both thrilled and intrigued.

And the winner is the Armadillo! The Armadillo’s unique defensive abilities and the potential to craft armor for tamed wolves made it the top choice among Minecraft players.

Unfortunately, the Penguin was eliminated in the first round of voting, leaving the Crab and the Armadillo to compete for a spot in the Minecraft world.

The Armadillo’s victory highlights the players’ desire to protect their wolf companions during their adventures, emphasizing that practical utility can be just as appealing as whimsical charm in the game.

15 Responses

  1. i’m relived that the armadillo won the vote because I had voted for it and it will be helpful for my minecraft dog :]

  2. Omg. I had no idea there was going to even be a new mob in minecraft and the though of having an armidillo in the game is really cool! And even though I don’t have pet dogs most of the time, i’m still getting the armour for it!

  3. I like it that the armadillo won the mob vote, now minecraft will at least have something new added into it.

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