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Meet ‘Slim Shady’ the horse that likes playing dead

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Listen up for some exciting news from Cambridge!

Some folks in town were pretty worried when they saw a horse lying down by the road. They thought the poor horse was dead! But don’t worry, the horse, whose name is Slim Shady, is just taking a nap in his favorite sleeping position.

Now, you might be wondering what’s so special about how Slim Shady sleeps. Well, when horses sleep standing up, they usually lock their knees to keep from falling over. But Slim Shady likes to lock his knees when he’s lying down too! This makes him look extra, extra dead, even though he’s just snoozing away.

Maija Vance, Slim Shady’s owner, thinks he loves the attention he gets from sleeping in such an unusual way. Lots of kids walk by Slim Shady when he’s napping, and even dogs stop to say hello.

Did you know that horses take naps throughout the day, just like us humans? They usually sleep with their legs folded up under them, but sometimes they like to stretch out and take a nap on their side.


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