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McClung wins NBA slum dunk contest

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Mac McClung has won the recent NBA slam dunk contest.

McClung, is 6ft 2in tall and plays for the Philadelphia 76’s. He defeated New Orleans’ Trey Murphy III in the finals of the dunk contest.

A 540-degree dunk – one-and-a-half rotations in the air – was his third perfect score of the night out of four dunks. Before the judges’ scores came up everyone in the building knew he’d already won.

After the contest McClung committed to defending his title next year. “If you guys will have me, I’ll be back,” McClung said. The final score, not that it mattered, was McClung 100.0, Murphy 98.0.

McClung isn’t really well known yet. Philadelphia are his third NBA team, and he hasn’t even played for the 76ers yet. He played in one game last season for the Chicago Bulls, one other game for the Los Angeles Lakers. He has scored a grand total of three NBA baskets.

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