Man sucks 11 cans to his head

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Shunichi Kanno, a 31-year-old man from Japan, showcased his unusual skill and regained the Guinness World Record for the most drink cans placed on the head using air suction. Initially, Kanno set the record in 2009 with nine cans suctioned to his head, but his achievement was later surpassed by Jamie “Canhead” Keeton, who managed to balance 10 cans.

However, Kanno was determined to reclaim his title and successfully surpassed Keeton’s record by balancing an impressive 11 drink cans on his head. He shared the trick behind increasing his can total, explaining that he learned to create air suction on his temples. By creating a wrinkle on his skin, placing a can there, and pushing it firmly towards his head before easing the wrinkle, he could reduce the air pressure between the can and the skin, causing it to stick like a suction cup.

Kanno attributed his unique forehead shape to his success in achieving the record. “I have had a big forehead since I was young,” he said. “Everyone mentioned that, so I felt that I had something quite unique. I was thinking about how I can put this to good use.”

With his impressive skill and determination, Shunichi Kanno has once again secured his place in the Guinness World Records.

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