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Man From Idaho Breaks Juggling World Record

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An Idaho man named David Rush has achieved more than 250 Guinness World Records titles, and he recently revealed that juggling for over 13 hours was the most challenging accomplishment in his record-breaking journey.

David Rush is renowned for his juggling-related records, which span a variety of impressive feats. Some of his notable records include catching the most juggling throws in a minute, catching the fewest juggling throws in a minute, catching the most juggling throws in a minute while blindfolded, and catching the most juggling throws while riding a unicycle in one minute. This time, he decided to take on the record for the longest duration of juggling three objects.

The previous record, set at 12 hours and 5 minutes by David Slick in 2009, served as the target for David Rush’s attempt. He acknowledged that out of all the remarkable records he has broken, this one posed the greatest challenge.

David Rush made several attempts at the record, facing failure in his initial three tries. However, his persistence paid off on the fourth attempt when he managed to juggle for an astounding 13 hours, 10 minutes, and 2 seconds. His achievement was meticulously reviewed by Guinness World Records judges, solidifying his place in history.

David Rush humbly expressed that he believes this latest accomplishment, combined with his prior records, qualifies him for the title of “the world’s best three-ball cascade juggler.” His dedication and skill in juggling have certainly earned him a well-deserved place among the record-breaking elite.

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