Man Arrested for Parachuting off Eiffel Tower

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A man has been arrested in Paris for sneaking onto the Eiffel Tower and parachuting from the top into a nearby stadium.

The incident occurred early in the morning before the Eiffel Tower’s official opening time.

The man managed to make his way to the top of the 330-meter structure with a parachute in his bag, and he jumped off the landmark from there. He was arrested shortly after landing in a nearby stadium. The tower’s management company expressed concern about the safety risks posed by such actions to both the people working at and around the tower.

The man was charged, and the tower’s opening had to be slightly delayed as a result of the incident.

7 Responses

  1. Why did the man jump off the Eiffel tower?
    Why did he choose to land in the stadium?
    is there any safety measure to prevent people from sneaking into the tower?

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