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Mahuta visits China

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New Zealand’s Foreign Minister, Nanaia Mahuta, recently visited China. She met with China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, who said that China sees New Zealand as an important partner and that the two countries should work together more on trade and business.

Mahuta’s trip is the first visit by a New Zealand minister to China since 2019. Her visit is seen as a step towards a future visit by the New Zealand Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins.

New Zealand and China have a good relationship, and they recently upgraded their free trade agreement. China is New Zealand’s biggest trading partner.

However, last year, former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she was worried about the possible militarization of the Pacific region after the Solomon Islands made a security pact with China. The Solomon Islands and China said that their partnership was not for a naval base.

Before her visit to China, Mahuta said that she would talk to Chinese officials about important issues, such as human rights and conflicts happening around the world. She also wanted to make sure that New Zealand’s interests were being respected.

During their meeting, Wang said that China would continue to play a positive role in solving the crisis in Ukraine, which is an ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

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