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Lost Tomato found on International Space Station

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A lost tomato, one of the first harvested in space, has been discovered aboard the International Space Station (ISS) after eight months.

The revelation was made during a live-streamed event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ISS.

NASA astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli announced that the remains of the tiny tomato had been found, exonerating astronaut Frank Rubio, who had been humorously accused of eating the space-grown fruit.

Rubio, who had returned to Earth in September, had been the target of jokes and accusations regarding the missing tomato for several months.

During a live stream in September, Rubio mentioned that he had spent many hours searching for the tomato, expressing confidence that it would eventually be found and vindicate him. The astronauts did not disclose the exact location where the tomato was found or its current condition.

Rubio had predicted that the tomato would likely be in an advanced state of decay due to the humidity on the space station.