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Kea spotted in Christchurch

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The Kea Conservation Trust wants to know if anyone in Christchurch has seen any kea birds in the Port Hills area. This is because two keas were seen in that area for the first time in many years.

A kea with a band on its leg was seen this month, and another one without a band was seen in February. It’s very unusual for kea to be seen in the Port Hills, so the trust wants to know about any sightings to help learn more about these birds and where they move.

The trust is asking people to share what they know about the birds they see. They want to know things like if the bird has a long or short upper bill if there’s any yellow around its eyelids or beak, and if there are any bands on its legs. This information can help them learn more about kea and their movements.

If you have a pest control trap on your property in Port Hills, the trust asks that you check if the trap has a bird excluder on it. If it doesn’t, they ask that you remove it until it’s clear the birds are no longer in the area.

Kea can travel long distances and might just be exploring the area, so it’s unlikely that there has been a population increase. The trust hopes that people will share any information they have to help protect these unique birds.

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