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July was the Hottest Month Ever

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July 2023 just made history! It’s officially the hottest month ever recorded on Earth! The numbers are in, and the temperature in July was 16.95 degrees Celsius, which is a third of a degree higher than the previous record from 2019. This might not sound like a big difference, but for temperature records, it’s actually quite a lot.

This extra heat is causing some serious problems. There have been super hot heatwaves in different parts of the world, like in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. These heatwaves are really dangerous and can even be deadly. Scientists are saying that our use of things like coal, oil, and gas is making the planet warmer, and that’s not good for us or the Earth.

July was so hot that experts knew it was going to break records even before the month ended. And now it’s official! The temperature in July was 1.5 degrees Celsius hotter than a long time ago before factories and cars made the Earth warmer. Back in 2015, countries around the world agreed to try to keep the temperature rise to only 1.5 degrees, but July went way beyond that.

Not only was July hotter than usual, but the oceans and the North Atlantic were warmer too. Even Antarctica, where there’s usually a lot of ice, had less ice than usual. This record-breaking temperature is a big deal because it’s not just about one month. It’s a sign that our planet is changing a lot, and it’s happening really fast.

One scientist said that this July is the hottest in about 10,000 years! That’s a super long time. It’s a reminder that our world is different now because of how we’re using energy. This is a problem we all need to work together to solve so that the Earth can be a safe and healthy home for all of us.

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