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James Webb telescope finds new planet

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The James Webb telescope has discovered a new planet.

The world’s largest telescope has discovered the new object late last year. The new planet is actually an exoplanet – a planet that orbits another star.

The telescope has been making plenty of new discoveries since being launched just over a year ago, and now it can add another achievement to its list.

The new rocky planet is named LHS 475b and is located 41 light-years away in the Octans constellation. It is a small, rocky planet that’s almost exactly the same size as Earth.

It was first spotted by one of Nasa’s satellites, but it was the James Webb telescope that was able to see it and confirm its presence.

Scientists have since discovered that it is a few hundred degrees warmer than our planet. However, they are still trying to find out whether it has an atmosphere – however they are certain that it doesn’t have a thick methane atmosphere such as the one on Saturn’s moon, Titan.