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James Shaw resigns as Green Party leader

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James Shaw has announced he will step down as the co-leader of the Green Party in March.

Shaw, known for his significant role in creating the Zero Carbon Act, expressed his honor in serving as the Climate Change Minister for six years and leading the Green Party for nine years. During his leadership, Shaw worked alongside Marama Davidson, the current co-leader, and Metiria Turei, who led before Davidson.

Shaw is not leaving his political duties just yet, as he is supporting a special proposal, known as a member’s bill, which aims to add the “right to a sustainable environment” to the Bill of Rights.

This proposal, which was introduced to the House on December 19, seeks to ensure future generations can enjoy a healthy and safe environment. However, as this bill comes from an opposition member, its success is not guaranteed.

The new co-leader of the Green Party will be announced on March 10.

Shaw reflected on the achievements of the Green Party, particularly proud of their transition into a governing party with ministerial roles in 2017 and their unique accomplishment of gaining more support at the end of each term they served in government.

Shaw’s dedication to environmental issues and his leadership in the Green Party have left a lasting impact on New Zealand’s political landscape and its approach to climate change.

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