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iPhone emergency feature used for rescue

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Two hikers found themselves in a perilous situation, stranded by rising waters at the Sudden Valley Stream near Arthur’s Pass.

Quick thinking came to the rescue. One of the hikers activated the iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS feature, which sent a signal to Apple’s trained emergency specialists in the United States via satellite. These specialists then contacted the New Zealand Police, who promptly dispatched the Garden City Helicopter Aviation (GCH) rescue helicopter.

Apple confirmed that this marks the first instance of an iPhone being used for a rescue in New Zealand.

The Emergency SOS feature was made available to iPhone 14 users in New Zealand and Australia in May this year. This technology connects users directly to satellites, enabling them to reach emergency services even in areas without WiFi or cellular service.

Footage of the rescue captures a GCH crew member rappelling down to the swollen stream to rescue the stranded hikers. It’s a testament to the power of technology and quick thinking in emergencies.

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