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How many sweaters could you wear?

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In an impressive display of determination and creativity, a young girl from Washington set a new Guinness World Record at her local library by wearing 45 sweaters at the same time.

Sophia Hayden meticulously followed the rules set by Guinness World Records, which required her to put on each sweater one by one and pull it down to her waist before proceeding to the next.

To ensure her attempt was valid, Sophia made sure not to rip any of the sweaters, as damaged items would not count towards her total.

This remarkable feat surpassed the previous record of 40 sweaters, which was achieved by 11-year-old Thomas Hocquet-Umambo from France in 2022.

Sophia’s mother, Alessandra Hayden, shared with Guinness World Records that preparing for this challenge was no small task, as it took a considerable amount of time to collect the necessary number of sweaters. In a generous act, the sweaters used for this record-breaking attempt were donated to charity, spreading warmth in more ways than one.

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