How many crocs do you have?

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Doogie Lish Sandtiger, also known as the “Croc king,” is seeking Guinness World Records recognition for his impressive collection of over 2,000 pairs of Crocs footwear.

Sandtiger’s love for Crocs started when he was 16 and got his first pair, which changed his view of the divisive footwear.

He describes each pair as an “empty canvas” that he can style and dress up in different ways, making them his own work of art.

The collection includes celebrity collaborations and even promotional shoes, such as the KFC Crocs that smell like fried chicken.

He hopes his collection will earn him a Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Crocs and dreams of one day opening a “Crocseum” to showcase his vast array of colorful footwear.

Sandtiger’s love for Crocs has shown that even the most divisive of footwear can inspire passion and creativity.

Do you like Crocs?

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