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Government Protects more of the Hauaraki Gulf

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Exciting news! The Government is doing something really important for Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf. They want to make more areas in the gulf safe for all the amazing sea creatures. Right now, they’re protecting about 6% of it, but they want to increase that to around 18%!

They’re also saying no to certain ways of fishing that can hurt marine life. One of these ways is called bottom trawling, and the other is Danish seining. These methods can accidentally catch small animals and other things that shouldn’t be caught.

The Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins, made the announcement in Auckland. He said the Hauraki Gulf is like a treasure that needs to be kept safe for the future. People in the area love to spend time there, and it’s also really important for food and jobs. It’s even worth a huge amount of money, $100 billion, for the economy!

But there’s a problem. The gulf is in danger because of pollution and other changes. Animals and birds are having a hard time. So, the Government wants to take action to protect it. They’ve been thinking about this for a long time and talking to lots of people, and they believe this plan is just right.

They’re going to introduce a new law called the Hauraki Gulf/Tīkapa Moana Marine Protection Bill to make all this happen. The law would make sure more of the gulf is safe and special. They want to make sure the sea floor is also protected by stopping harmful activities there.

The Minister for Conservation, Willow-Jean Prime, said this new law would help take care of the gulf and respect the cultural practices of the people who live there. It’s a great way to keep the sea and its creatures safe and happy!

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