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Glow in the dark flowers

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For those who love technology and bright colors, their homes are often filled with vibrant LED or RGB lights, not just in gadgets like mice, keyboards, and gaming setups, but even furniture.

Now, imagine adding a natural glow to your room without any electronics. That’s what Light Bio, a company in the United States, is offering with their new, glowing Firefly Petunia plants.

These aren’t your ordinary flowers. Through the wonders of science, Light Bio has made these petunias glow in the dark by using genes from mushrooms that naturally shine like fireflies.

This means these special flowers can light up your room with a calming glow, all on their own, without needing any batteries or plugs.

The Firefly Petunias are easy to take care of, just like regular petunias.

They grow white flowers that can brighten up pots, baskets, or even your garden. The best part? The more sunlight they soak up during the day, the more they’ll glow at night, especially the newest blooms. It’s a cool way to bring a bit of nature’s magic into your tech-filled world.

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