Football Ferns drop white shorts from kit

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The New Zealand women’s national football team, the Football Ferns, have made a bold move ahead of their games at the FIFA Women’s World Cup later this month. They have decided to no longer wear white shorts, a tradition that has long been associated with female athletes. The move comes as part of a global shift to reduce period anxiety for female athletes.

Instead, the Football Ferns will pair their white shirts with teal-blue shorts or black shorts with a handmade Silver Fern pattern created using a spray paint technique. The new kits will be worn for the first time during the Ferns’ games against Iceland and Nigeria later this month.

The players have welcomed the change, saying it will help them focus on their performance and shows recognition and appreciation for women’s health. The shift away from white shorts is an important step in supporting women athletes and addressing issues that affect their performance.

In addition to the colour change, the players will also be offered Nike Leak Protection: Period innovation integrated into their playing shorts, ensuring they feel comfortable and confident while playing.

New Zealand Football fully supports the Ferns’ decision to shift away from white shorts, according to CEO Andrew Pragnell. He added that the new kits pay homage to the sporting heritage of Aotearoa (New Zealand), with the white shirt holding a special place in their football traditions and the black being synonymous with New Zealand sport.

The Football Ferns’ bold move is a step towards a more inclusive and supportive environment for women athletes, and we can’t wait to see them shine on the field in their new kits!

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  1. I loveeee soccer! (Aka football:)
    im a girl who just loves soccer!
    it’s cool that they r changing the shorts, cool cool 😎

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