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Five Million Bees Spill Onto Canadian Highway

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In a buzzing incident near Toronto, Canada, a truck spilled crates carrying five million bees onto a highway, creating a surreal scene. The Halton Regional Police responded to the incident, which occurred on Guelph Line in Burlington, Ontario. Crates filled with bees were scattered across the road, and swarms of bees were seen flying around.

Police issued a warning to drivers to keep their windows closed while passing by the area and advised pedestrians to avoid it. Thankfully, several beekeepers offered their assistance, and six or seven of them arrived at the scene to help collect the bees.

By mid-morning, most of the five million bees had been safely collected, and the crates were being removed. Some crates were left behind for uncollected bees to return to at their own pace.

According to the Canadian Honey Council, a colony of honeybees in the summer typically consists of around 50,000 to 80,000 bees.

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