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Fist bump record set in US

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David Rush, a well-known Guinness World Record-breaker, has once again proven himself to be a true champion by breaking the previous record for the most alternating fist bumps in 30 seconds. Rush achieved this remarkable feat with the help of his neighbor’s son, Joey Hannon.

The two fist-bumped an incredible 273 times in just half a minute, smashing the previous record of 174 set by Nafees Istay Taufiq Antu and Akibur Rahman Saikat. In a video posted on Sunday, Rush and Joey can be seen working hard to achieve their goal.

Rush wrote on his website that the pair had to punch each other thousands of times to make it happen and that they bled, sweated, and bruised. He even had to remove his wedding band (which he referred to as his “brass knuckles”) to make it fair.

Despite their hard work, the team had to disqualify 24 of their fist bumps, as Guinness World Records has strict guidelines on what constitutes a valid alternating fist bump. Nonetheless, Rush is still proud of their achievement.

He said that this record was “more technical and challenging” than his previous record for the most fist bumps in one minute with different people. Rush explained that the main area of technique they had to work on was Joey’s drifting left arm, as it’s easy to lose control when moving each hand back and forth five times per second.

Rush has set nearly 250 Guinness World Records, and he does so to promote STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and math). In March 2022, he spoke to UPI after setting the record for the most fist bumps in one minute with different people, achieving this feat by fist-bumping 152 people.

Rush and Joey’s achievement is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and teamwork. Their efforts are an inspiration to children and adults alike, showing that with dedication and practice, anything is possible.

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