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The Christchurch City Council has shown what their new stadium will look like.

At 232 metres long, 195 metres wide and 36 metres high at its tallest point, the arena will have a seating capacity of 30,000 for sporting events with a capacity rising up to 37,800 for concerts.

The arena will occupy much of the central Christchurch centre – bordered by Hereford, Barbadoes, Tuam and Madras Streets.

Currently, the Council is considering names but it is expected that they will allow the stadium to be called ‘Te Kaharoa’ – means ‘enduring strength’.

The City Council want to have the stadium no later than the 30th June 2025.

If you’ve wanted to have Christmas every 8 hours than a new planet found by scientists is the place for you.

The newly discovered exoplanet – that’s a planet that orbits a star outside of our solar system – is named GJ 367b.

While the Earth’s orbit around the Sun takes just over 365 days, GJ 367b orbits its own sun in around eight hours.

The new planet is roughly the size of the planet Mars and half the mass of Earth making it one of the lightest of the exoplanets. It is also very hot with the surface reaching up to 1500 degrees Celsius.

What is an exoplanet?

Exoplanets are planets that orbit a different star than our Sun – in a different solar system to the one we are in.

Even though scientists thought for a long time that they must exist, it was only in 1992 that the first exoplanet was discovered.

A Canterbury sheep called Burt has shot to TikTok fame.

The sheep regularly posts videos on the social media platform with one of them amassing over seven million views.

Burt lives on a farm in Port Levy on the Banks Peninsula. His owner Naomi Abraham started posting funny videos of him during lockdown last year.

Burt’s TikTok profile includes videos of him frolicking through the house, sleeping on the couch in front of the fire, and getting into the neighbour’s rose garden.

Abraham said that she hoped some of his future work on social media could help promote the wool industry.


♬ I AM WOMAN – ❦ emmy meli ❦

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has ordered army troops to join an international peacekeeping mission in the Solomon Islands.

The troops have been sent following anti-government riots within the country.

Ardern said on Wednesday that New Zealand would send 65 peacekeepers followed a request from the Solomons government. She said an initial force of 15 New Zealand personnel would set off at the end of this week and another 50 would join them over the weekend.

Solomon Islands have been hit with rioting that has claimed the lives of three people and turned Honiara – the country’s capital – to rubble.

The New Zealand leader said they would work with Solomons police and about 200 peacekeepers already in Honiara from Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

The rioting started last week when protests over government policies turned violent. Solomon Island people were upset with levels of poverty, rising unemployment and inter-island rivalries in the nation of 800,000.

Scientists in the United States have developed a tiny camera the size of a grain of salt.

This new camera can produce clear, full-colour images that are as good as ones taken with camera lenses that are 500,000 times bigger.

The new camera has been designed at Princetown University and the University of Washington in America . They are now adding more features to the camera itself – such as giving it the ability to detect objects.

The technology in this new camera is based on its special surface. The surface contains 1.6 million cylinder shaped ‘posts’ which each use artificial intelligence and light to turn what they detect into an image.

While scientists have developed tiny cameras before, this new design produces high quality images.

The world’s first-ever floating city is being built in South Korea.

The project is expected to be built by 2025 and has the backing of the United Nations as a way of tackling rising sea levels.

The floating city is being built off the coast of the city of Busan. The city will be made up of a series of islands that rise with the sea.

The designers will see the new city generate electricity from solar panels, produce its own food and fresh water.

The agreement has been signed as part of the UN-Habitat project, which works in over 90 countries to promote more sustainable ways of living in cities.

Construction of the floating city is estimated to cost around $240 million NZD and it’s thought that it could house close to 10,000 residents.

The Indian government has announced that it is going to ban private cryptocurrencies.

The proposed legislation follows a similar move in China were they have made all digital currency transactions illegal.

India also announced that the country’s central bank will launch an official digital currency.

India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, said last week that cryptocurrencies could pose serious concerns to the financial stability of the country.

In September, El Salvador became the first country to accept a cryptocurrency, bitcoin, as legal tender.

Olivia Rodrigo has been nominated in all four of the top Grammy Awards being held on 31st January 2022.

The 18-year-old, is nominated for seven awards in total including best album, best new artist, record of the year and song of the year, for Drivers License.

However, she will face big competition from the likes of Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X, who are both nominated in some of those categories.

New Zealander Simon O’Neill has been nominated for two Grammy nominations for Best Choral Performance and Best Engineered Album in Classical.

The most nominations, a whooping 11, went to composer Jon Baptiste who won an Oscar earlier this year for his work on the Pixar film, Soul.

The Grammys will be decided by the 12,000 voting members of the Recording Academy.

For decades these were overseen by “secret committees”, who narrowed down the top 20 finalists in each category to the final shortlist of between five and eight nominees.