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Fattest bear in the world

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The suspense is over as Fat Bear Week 2023 crowns a new champion. Out of two formidable finalists, Mama Bear 128 Grazer emerged as the reigning Queen of the forest.

In a colossal competition, Grazer faced off against male bear 32 Chunk in the finals, securing victory with over four times the number of votes. Grazer’s formidable reputation comes from successfully raising two litters of cubs and her willingness to challenge even larger bears for food.

This annual contest takes place among bears living in Alaska’s Katmai National Park, attracting fans from around the globe. Its purpose is to determine which Alaskan brown bear has packed on the most weight in preparation for winter hibernation.

The event, running from October 4th to October 10th this year, draws people worldwide who cast their votes to determine the mightiest bear of them all. It’s a celebration of Katmai’s brown bears, highlighting their resilience, adaptability, and strength in the wild.

In the end, Grazer’s triumph in Fat Bear Week 2023 reinforces her status as a symbol of bear strength and determination.

Please note that Fat Bear Week is a fun and educational event, and the bears are not harmed in any way during this friendly competition.

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