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Donald Trump charged by police over corruption

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In some big news, the first former president of the USA, Donald Trump, is facing criminal charges. This means that he will be the first president to go to court and defend himself against the charges. But what is he accused of? Well, he is accused of hiding a payment of money to a woman who he had a secret relationship with while he was married.

Donald Trump denies that he did anything wrong and says that he never had a relationship with the woman. He also says that people don’t like him as a politician and that’s why they’re making up these accusations. We don’t know exactly what the charges are yet, but a court will decide whether he is innocent or guilty.

Now, you might be wondering, what does indicted mean? Indicted is when US lawyers officially accuse someone of certain crimes by writing a letter to let them know what they’re accused of. It’s important in complicated crimes and comes before someone is arrested by the police.

Donald Trump is not just a former president, he’s also a businessman and former reality TV star. He became famous for hosting the American version of The Apprentice before he became president. He’s also known for owning many big properties like homes, golf courses, resorts, hotels, and casinos. He lost the US presidential election in 2021 but plans to run for the top job again in 2024.

So, this is big news for Donald Trump and for the USA. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next in court.

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