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Djokovic hit in the head with water bottle

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At the Italian Open, tennis star Novak Djokovic was injured after being struck on the head by a metal water bottle. The incident occurred as a child tried to hand Djokovic a notebook for an autograph, causing the water bottle to fall from the child’s backpack. Following the accident, Djokovic was seen holding his head and was quickly attended to by medical staff.

The event took place right after Djokovic’s victory over French player Corentin Moutet, with scores of 6-3 and 6-1. This was Djokovic’s first match after taking nearly a month off from competition. He had a noticeable bump on his head and needed to skip his usual post-match news conference due to the injury.

Djokovic, a celebrated athlete with 24 Grand Slam titles, is currently gearing up to defend his championship at the upcoming French Open starting on May 26. After the incident, he was escorted to the locker room for further medical checks to ensure his wellbeing.

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