Dancing dogs set world record

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A dog trainer from Germany named Wolfgang Lauenburger has achieved a new Guinness World Record with his amazing team of 14 trained dogs. They managed to create the longest conga line with dogs!

Lauenburger’s talented dogs followed each other in a party dance formation, following his instructions carefully. The dogs have cute names like Emma, Filou, Fin, Simon, Susy, Maya, Ulf, Speck, Bibi, Katie, Jennifer, Elvis, Charly, and Cathy. They all worked together to set this amazing new record!

This is not the first time that Lauenburger has set a world record. He has done it many times before, and this time he beat his own daughter, Alexa Lauenburger, who managed to get nine dogs in a conga line just a few months earlier.

This achievement proves that dogs are intelligent and skilled animals that can learn to do incredible things. With hard work and dedication, anything is possible, and Lauenburger’s achievement is a great example of that. Let’s all give a round of applause to Lauenburger and his talented team of dogs!

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